Beltek 4.1 Speaker



Control Unit:

·         Output Power:20W (RMS)

·         Power Supply :220-230v AC,50Hz

·         Frequency Response :40Hz- 170Hz

·         Driver Unit :4" Full Range Subwoofer


Satellite Channels:

·         S/N Ratio:>/-60db

·         Separation:>/-40db

·         Distortion: 0.1%@1w

·         Sensitivity :500mV @ 1Khz

·         Output Power :10W*4 (RMS)

·         frequency Response :160Hz- 20Khz

·         Driver Unit :3"Full range Speaker



·         LED digital display

·         RCA input &output Socket

·         Suitable for IT application

·         Ideal for audio/video presentation

·         Suitable for internet group conferencing

·         Surround audio frequency with in-built amplifier

·         Compatible with PC, Laptop, VolP Phony, Face time,

·         Google, MSN, Skype, Tango, Vtalk, Yahoo, and alike

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